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The Rizzuto Family

The Miller Family

The Walsh Family

The Walsh Family

The Walters Family

The Walters Family


The Spencer Family


The Greiff-Shreve Family

"If you want your kid to excel at basketball — not just learn the skills and the plays, but really understand how to play the game and play it smart — then MADE is the ideal organization.  Tori Moten and her coaches are the best, teaching kids and creating real skills."


Chris tough.jpg
Players First

Joined 2019 

- Chris

Joined 2017 

- Andrew

Joined 2017  

- Jacob Chin

Joined 2016  

- Brady Walsh

Joined 2015 

- Grady Miller

A Closer Look

Joined 2017 

- Elizabeth Shreve

Joined 2019 

- Jason Conley

Former Semi Pro Player

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