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We are a Wellness Basketball Center built around injury prevention, mastering core fundamentals and increasing your basketball knowledge. Through our program, we help players mentally, physically and socially prepare for on and of the court challenges.  The purpose of this center is to make players functionally sound to be able to safely and correctly perform moves. Once we have worked on a players Mobility, Flexibility, Stability, we focus in on the following:


  • Solid Foundation (Building players from the bottom up)

  • Probing

  • Handling late game situations

  • Exploring multiple attacking angles on offense to expand their court awareness

  • Lock down defensive principles

  • Shooting mechanics

  • Absorbing contact on offense and defense

Learning Common Sense Skills will help you on and off the court. Build your foundation with us!

What Makes Us Unique?

CHris shot.jpg

The M2P Center will use a multitude of assistive technology, specialist including the following:

  • C4 Wall and Sprint

  • Rox and Blaze Pads

  • Shot Tracking

  • Bobo Balancing Boards

  • Specialist in Holistic and Mental Health Fields

  • Versus Neurofeedback


C4 Wall.png

Taking a closer look into the science behind the skills, gives our dedicated team a pathway to tap into parts of the mind needed to advance a players reactive and spatial awareness. As a player's cognitive and reaction skills expand, so does their point of view of the game.  Players looking to access all of the components of our program, start out with M2P Body Awareness Patterns Assessment.

Find out more about Body Awareness Patterns Assessment

M2P Level Up Program

If you have ever participated martial arts, you have seen different color belt colors s players advance through levels.  We thought it would be a competitive, challenging but fun way to measure a player's progression. Players learn about injury prevention, stretching properly, foundational skill and much more.  Here how it works:

  1.  Injury Prevention Assessment

  2. Assessment of basic skills

  3.  Assign a starting point but all players must follow the same injury Prevention exercises

  4.  Every Level has 12 wristbands starting from (Black to Purple)

  5.  Players take a test every 3-4 weeks to receive their wristbands (if they pass) and   picture taken. Players can retest within the same week, if needed. Some test might be double wristbands based off progression

We feel it keeps players engaged, motivated, challenged and having fun!


  • Positive Attitude at all times 

  • Check in at the front desk

  • Follow safety protocols before beginning and ending of play

  • Thank your trainer before and after

  • Parents are limited within the facility 

  • No sugar beverages or plastic bottles

  • Squeeze water bottles preferred 

  • Players are not permitted to wear their basketball shoes from the outside onto the court

  • No outside balls permitted 

  • Respect the court, equipment and the game

Facility Rules
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