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Level Up Program

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The All - Around Player

This is a progression-based program and players will start by being assessed to have a baseline for further assessment. with the guidance of our Master M2P Trainer. The focus of the program is to make sure we put players on a safe path for physical, mental and social growth. Players go through a series of exercises and testing to give us a starting point for each athlete. Players are also given weekly homework to prepare for the upcoming week.


  We lock in on the details of playing all position on the floor.  To be effective, you must learn every position.  As players progresses through the levels, they will be given different colored wrist bands to celebrate their growth and accomplishment.  

8 Sessions/ongoing program

Grades 3rd - 12th


Group Training



Individual and Partner Training

70-minute sessions


  1. Improved mobility, flexibility and stability 

  2. Better balance and control

  3. Increased Basketball awareness

  4. Accuracy passing and shooting

  5. Understanding of all position on the court


Injury Prevention Assessment

All players have an initial assessment for our starting point and retested at the conclusion of each 8-week sessions

Point of Attack

(Wing player techniques, strategies, and focal points on the floor)

The Floor Leader (Learn point guard skills, court awareness, balance, and control)

Below the Rim

(Learn post skills you need to play under the rim, pivoting, strong base, defense on the block)

Cross Basketball Training

Basketball with the incorporation of trampolines, boxing, yoga, cardio and much more...

All players who enter the M2P Basketball Center must register with AAU Basketball due to our player insurance agreement.  If you have a Valid AAU card, you do not have to get a new one.

Register as athlete (Cost $16 extended coverage)



Bring documents to first session or email

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