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The programs are designed to personalize workouts to players' individual and small group needs. Sessions will be 1 hour in length and players receive a report card at the end of the 8 week sessions.  

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Players First - 1 on 1/Partner workouts with the players' strengths and weaknesses in mind. Our M2P trainers are certified through the M.A.D.E. Level Up Program, USA Youth Basketball Gold Coaches, PCA, and First Aid/AED compliant.  

M2P Trainers - Capable of working with most level player from a beginner to intermediate level,

Master Trainers -Skilled with all level players through professional level

Group Sessions - These sessions are limited to a 1:5 instructor to player ratio to allow for optimal supervision, maximized touches on the ball, and positive interactions with competitive players.

High School Training - Sessions built around team play, triangle principles, game skills, pressure drills, and individual development. Sessions are 75 minutes.

Class Schedule

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All players who enter the M2P Basketball Center must register with AAU Basketball due to our player insurance agreement.  If you have a Valid AAU card, you do not have to get a new one.

Register as an athlete (Cost $16 extended coverage)

Bring documents to first session or email

1 on 1/Partner Training and Group Sessions

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